Shop sustainable: GreenSheen Paint at Triangle ReStores

Shelby Chandler | March 20, 2024

GreenSheen Recycled Paint


Did you know your local Triangle ReStore carries recycled paint for a fraction of the cost at big box stores? We partner with GreenSheen Paint to provide our shoppers with eco-friendly, recycled paint.

GreenSheen is a quality, latex house paint that is available in 18 colors for up to 75% less than traditional paint. It’s good for use interior and exterior on walls, ceilings and trim. It’s also naturally lower in VOCs and provides impressive coverage and durability.

Getting recycled paint in Habitat ReStores

GreenSheen Paint’s journey with Habitat for Humanity began over a decade ago at a Habitat ReStore in Denver, Colo. Kevin Callahan, CEO of GreenSheen Paint, visited the store and noticed a disorganized donated paint section. Over the course of a few weeks, he revisited the store and watched the paint section pile up with little to no paint selling. He offered to take the paint, recycle it at his facility, repackage it and bring it back to the ReStore. With the implementation of a new, organized paint section, sales exploded!

“If you’re going to start a company that is eco-friendly and keeping trash out of landfills, what’s the next step?” GreenSheen Paint CEO Kevin Callahan asked. For him, partnering with Habitat ReStores was a “no-brainer.”

Today, the company houses its recycled paint in Habitat ReStores across the nation.

What is recycling? How is leftover paint recycled?

Recycling involves using what would otherwise be considered waste to create something new. It reduces the use of natural resources that are needed to create new products, which in turn conserves energy and water and reduces pollution that comes from manufacturing and transporting new materials.

Each year, about 10% of the paint sold in the United States is discarded or stored. When leftover paint is disposed of incorrectly, it can cause harm to the environment.

Companies like GreenSheen collect leftover paint and put it through a filtration process that transforms it into new, recycled paint. The organization partners with Habitat ReStores nationwide to provide recycled paint to ReStore shoppers.

Purchasing GreenSheen paint at one of our 10 area ReStores not only helps Habitat Wake fund its mission to promote affordable housing, but also provides you with the opportunity to support environmental health through sustainability and recycling.


Greensheen recycled paint colors


What colors and finishes do you offer?

GreenSheen Paint studies evolving color trends to blend paint into designer colors. We carry 18 colors with an eggshell finish across our area ReStores. Paint options come in both one- and five-gallon cans.

Do you sell other paint supplies?

Need other supplies for your paint projects? We’ve got you covered with a selection of plastic drop cloths, paint brushes and roller sets. Let us help you get that next home project going! Call or visit your local Triangle ReStore to see what’s in stock.