Volunteer Spotlight: Joyce Norman

Olivia Bowler | April 16, 2018

This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week, so we wanted to spotlight some of our amazing volunteers whose dedication and commitment make our mission possible. 

Name: Joyce Norman


Home town: Montreal, Canada


Current town: Raleigh



When did you start volunteering at Habitat Wake? I volunteered Oct 2011 - Sept 2013 at the Cary Restore before joining the Glenwood Avenue team in when it opened in October 2016.


What is your favorite thing about volunteering at the ReStores? Interacting with staff and customers. I feel good about the value of my time.


What does your typical volunteer shift look like? I do a four hour shift in the front of the store, including customer service and cash register.


What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy going to the gym a few times a week as well as walking for exercise. Socializing with friends and family is a big part of my life. Reading and television are also on my list. Traveling is something I do as often as possible.


Do you have any pets, children, or grandchildren? I have three married daughters and three grandchildren


What are three items on your bucket list? I need to get over my fear of going on a zip line so I can try that. I’d like to win a ribbon from the State Fair in any category.


What is your dream vacation? I am fortunate to have traveled to 56 countries, mostly on cruises.  My most exciting was traveling across the Northwest Passage from Seward, Alaska to New York City in August 2017.   



Favorite piece you’ve seen or purchased in the ReStore? I’ve been impressed and amazed by several items for sale at the Restore.  One that comes to mind is a player piano a few months ago. I get a lot of reminders of times past with some of the items that come in.