Small Space Round-up

August 3, 2016

This blog post was written by our Development and Communications intern, Chauncey Bowden, who happens to be an expert on small spaces, as she currently lives in a little Raleigh apartment. Chauncey is leaving us next week to finish her degree in Philosophy of Law from N.C. State. We will miss her very much! 

Maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you’ve decided to sacrifice space for the convenience of city living. Or perhaps you’re taking steps towards a minimal tiny house lifestyle (brave!).  In an ideal world, all apartments would come with extra large bathrooms and walk-in closets. While this may not be reality, even small spaces can be clutter free and comfortable with a few tricks. Here is a roundup of 10 hacks to make the most of any small space.


1. Corner Nightstand

Corner nightstand

Placing your bed in the corner of a room creates more floor space, but it may  make it impossible to have a night stand. This nifty corner night stand it the perfect place to charge your phone or place your glasses at night.


2. Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage

This hack is my favorite alternative to small closet spaces. Place plastic bins under your bed for more drawer space. You can even add castors for easy rolling. I use mine to store denim and sandals.


3. Curtain Rings and Hangers

Tank top storage

Speaking of making the most of small closet spaces, use hangers as a way to easily store tank tops. It may be best to hang cotton tank tops, as they won’t wrinkle as easily. This is also a great tip for hanging belts, baseball caps, and lightweight purses.


4. Floating Vanity Shelves


When dealing with a small bathroom, counter space is usually always a problem. Floating vanity shelves are a trendy way to store brushes, soaps, cotton balls and more. It’s easy to find inexpensive glass containers to make the display pretty as well as functional.


5. Create Optical Illusions With Mirrors

Large mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make small spaces look larger and brighter than they actually are. Painting the frames of older mirrors is a great way to add new life to a product. Check out our ReStores for the perfect mirror to add to your space.


6. DIY Bed Riser


Bed risers allow you to make the most of your floor space. Using vacuum sealed bags, you are able to keep seasonal clothes out of the way but within close reach at all times. No need to purchase these -- they are an easy thing to do yourself!


7. Crown Molding Shoe Organizer

Crown molding shoe rack

Get your your shoes out of the pile on your closet floor and up overhead! This is an easy and space-saving way to store your high heels. Thrift stores like the ReStores often have crown molding for sale, making this project economical as well as clever



8. Organize Under Sink Space


Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles and keep clutter under the sink to a minimum. You can use the extra space to store other cleaning items in baskets.


9. Floating Bookshelves


There’s nothing worse than waking up and tripping over your bulky biology book. Floating shelves are a good way to keep books organized, yet easily accessible. Color-coordinate the books or style the shelves for added chic-ness!


10. Lofted Bed

lofted bed

College dorm rooms are notorious for making the most out of small spaces. Lofted beds are a key feature of many dorm rooms, but they can also be a great feature in apartment bedrooms. Many lofted beds come with built-in desks and shelves, which is great because building up, instead of out, helps to maximize floor space.


The best news? You can get a lot of the materials for these projects at the Habitat Wake ReStores. Save money and space at the same time!


Generally available at Habitat Wake ReStores:

  • The Wake Forest ReStore currently has a Coastal Co. lofted bed with built a built in desk and shelving available. (photo here)
  • Shelf brackets, corbels, and scrap wood can easily be turned into corner shelves.
  • Crown molding for hanging shoes.
  • Tension rods for under-sink storage.
  • Mirrors of all shapes and sizes
  • Wood and old cabinet doors can be cut to various sizes and used for floating vanity and bookshelves.
  • Bannisters and other wood pieces for making bed risers