Small Change, Big Impact!

July 10, 2015


Change for Change.

When you shop any of the Habitat Wake ReStores with locations in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and now Wake Forest, you can "Round up at the Register" and make a difference that has a lasting impact. The additional change from your purchase* goes directly into the mission of Habitat Wake to build  homes, communities and hope. This year, Habitat Wake completed it's 500th home and is looking forward to building 500 more! Your support is helping to provide the opportunity of homeownership to hard working, low-income Wake County families. When a family partners with Habitat to purchase a home, they are ending the cycle of house poverty and gaining so much more.

In the Fuquay-Varinia ReStore, the staff has developed a new approach to "Round Up at the Register." When a customer "rounds up," they have the opportunity to sign a component to a Habitat house. A component is the pre-built door or window frame that are then used in the construction of a home. Here, a window frame has been filled with signatures and well wishes from customers. Volunteers from NC State University College of Advising Corps. installed the signed window frame into a home in the neighborhood of Crosstowne.

Not only will the additional monies collected from the program assist Habitat Wake to build more homes, but the signatures are a reminder to the homeowner that the community cares and these sentiments will last throughout the life of the home.

* If your purchase total is $5.47, you can "round up" to the next dollar. Your total will be $6.00 and on your receipt, .53 will be listed as a tax deductible donation.