The Morrisville ReStore is now The Brier Creek ReStore!

Tiera Gibson | October 21, 2020

Just recently, we decided to change the name of The Morrisville ReStore to Brier Creek. The name change came after several donors and shoppers expressed their confusion about the store's name in comparison to the store's actual location.

"Our store on TW Alexander Road has always been a little confusing: we called it our Morrisville store since that's the mailing address, but it was much closer to Brier Creek. So we're changing it,” says store manager TJ Bandiera. “We hope this new name change provides more clarity."

The Brier Creek ReStore is located on the corner of TW Alexander and Page Rd. over by the Brier Creek Shopping Center:

2121 TW Alexander Drive
Morrisville, NC

Come shop with us!