March Silent Auction At The Glenwood Restore!

March 1, 2017

The Glenwood Store is hosting another ongoing silent auction for two weeks! During this time, customers can come in and bid on unique items. This auction ends Friday, March 17th at 5:30pm. Date: Friday, March 3rd - Friday, March 17th. Location: 8009 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh The nitty gritty:

  • You must come into the store to make your bids in person. None will be accepted over the phone, online, or via social media.
  • To bid, first register for a bidder number by filling out a quick form.
  • Once you have your bidder number in hand, bid away! Please be mindful of minimum increases. You can bid as many times as you want and on as many different pieces as you want.
  • When the auction concludes we will contact the winners to please come pay and collect their pieces within two business days.
  • All proceeds benefit Habitat Wake’s mission to build affordable homes in Wake County. We appreciate your support!

#1 Whitmans 1968 Ballet Paper Dolls Starting bid: $8 FullSizeRender 4                   #2 1944 British Mortar Shell Box Starting bid: $10 IMG_7450                   #3 Turquoise vase Starting bid: $15 FullSizeRender 5                   #4Vintage Blue Ribbon Stoneware Jug Starting bid: $30 FullSizeRender 3                   #5 IBM Correcting Selectric III typewriter Starting bid: $50 IMG_7423                   #6 Enloe High School Student Art (temporarily displayed in NC Museum of Art) Starting bid: $50 IMG_7424                   #7 Zuni fetish necklace Starting bid: $40 IMG_7425                   #8 Smart Gear bike Starting bid: $10 IMG_7426                   #9 Heywood Hardy framed print Starting bid: $125 IMG_7427                   #10 Old fashioned saw Starting bid: $10 IMG_7428                   #11 Midcentury modern teak elephant pair Starting bid: $10 IMG_7429                     #12 Metal piggy bank Starting bid: $3 IMG_7430                   #13 Henredon Louis XV Style Burl Wood Bombe Nightstand Chest Starting bid: $100 IMG_7431                   #14 Umbrella stand Starting bid: $8 IMG_7432                   $15 Vintage Ampro imperial precision projector Starting bid: $40 IMG_7433                   #16 Set of two Chinoiserie lamps Starting bid: $25 IMG_7434                   #17 Blue vase Starting bid: $10 IMG_7435                   #18 Black end table Starting bid: $10 IMG_7436                   #19 Burlap headboard Starting bid: $15 IMG_7437                   #20 Crock Starting bid: $3 IMG_7439                   #21 Vintage red dragonfly sofa Starting bid: $100 IMG_7440                   #22 1960s Weekly Readers Starting bid $10 IMG_7441                   #23 Ron Burgundy cutout Starting bid $10 IMG_7442                   #24 Vintage Tools Starting bid: $15 IMG_7443                   $25 Pottery Barn sofa table Starting bid: IMG_7444                   #26 Console shelf Starting bid: $10 IMG_7446