June 2017 Auction At The Glenwood Restore

June 12, 2017

The Glenwood Store is hosting another silent auction! During this time, customers can come in and bid on unique items. General Date: Monday, June 19 - Saturday, July 8. Location: 8009 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh The nitty gritty:

  • To bid, first register for a bidder number by filling out a quick form.
  • Once you have your bidder number in hand, bid away! Please be mindful of minimum increases. You can bid as many times as you want and on as many different pieces as you want.
  • When the auction concludes we will contact the winners to please come pay and collect their pieces within two business days.
  • All proceeds benefit Habitat Wake’s mission to build affordable homes in Wake County. We appreciate your support!

  1. Chinese Statues Starting bid $20 1_Chinese Statue set                   2. Copper tea kettle Starting bid $2 2_Copper kettle                   3. Model ship Starting bid $10 3_Model ship                   4. Color slide art books (Slides missing) Set of 12 Starting bid $10 4_Set of art books                   5. Japanese needlework on silk ca. 1920 Starting bid $175 5_Japanese needlework                   6. Old Germany stein Starting bid $5 6_stein                   7. Pietro Constantini designer chair Starting bid $40 7_Pietro constantini chair                   8. Tomlinson leather strap chair from High Point, NC (1957) Starting bid $125 8_tomilson chair                   9. Wall sconces Starting bid $10 9_Wall sconces                   10. Cal .50M2 Ammo Box Starting bid $5 10_ammo box                   11. Lore Dutch ceramic vase Starting bid $3 11_Lore ceramic vase                   12. Theodore Wenell print Starting bid $10 12_Wenell print                   13. Sailboat race print Starting bid $3 13_Sailboat print                   14. Carved rose plate, 1944 Starting bid $5 14_Rose plate                     15. Various collectible dolls (sold in a set) Starting bid $100 15_set of dolls                   16. Set of two vintage portraits Starting bid $1 16_Old portraits                   17. Winter wonderland framed painting Starting bid $45 17_Winter painting                   18. Set of assorted NC colleges show posters Starting bid $5 18_show posters                   19. Marble lamp Starting bid $25 19_Marble lamp                   20. Blaeu wall map Starting bid $35 20_World map                   21. Lee Barth framed art print Starting bid $45 21_Lee Barth framed art                   22. Vintage poker set Starting bid $5 22_poker set                   23. Antique fly swatter Starting bid $3 23_Fly swatter sq                   24. Rattan rolling cabinet Starting bid $40 24_Rattan cabinet                   25. Decorative English-patterned plates (set of 3) Starting bid $3 25_Decorative plates sq                   26. Decorative Chinese-patterned plate Starting bid $1 26_Chinese plate                   27. Seafood serving dish Starting bid $1 27_seafood set sq                   28. Galvanized bucket Starting bid $2 28_Galvanized bucket                   29. Lily pad chair Starting bid $50 29_Lily pad chair                   30. Antique buffet Starting bid $25 30_Antique buffet                   31. Modern lamp Starting bid $10 31_modern lamp