How does the cabinet program work? Q&A with Avery Gaskins, Cary ReStore Assistant Manager

Tiera Gibson | August 5, 2020



We had a few questions about the cabinet program so we asked Cary ReStore Assistant Manager Avery Gaskins to give us the scoop. Check out this Q&A:


How does the Cary ReStore's cabinet program work?

We work with two different cabinets distributors and carry their full catalog. Anyone doing a renovation can bring us their measurements and we will create custom designs for your kitchen or bathroom. The first step would be to measure your space (we have measuring guides) or have a contractor come over and do the measurements for you (we have a list of some contractors that our customers have worked with in the past). You get to save some money and all of the proceeds go toward supporting Habitat's mission. Everyone wins!


What type of cabinets do you sell?

All of the cabinets we sell are assembled in the US and have an assembly warranty on them (we handle all of the warranty issues, when and if they arise). With the exception of our value line, all of the cabinets have a furniture grade plywood construction, with hardwood used for the frame and front. By default, the doors all have soft close hinges and the drawers are all wood, dovetail joinery, undermount hardware that can support up to 100 pounds and come with soft close hardware.


Are the cabinets custom made?

We are pulling from the extensive catalogs of the two cabinet companies that we work with, however the cabinets are not custom made. We do have several great cabinet designers who make it a point of finding solutions for just about any project!


What are the cabinet finishes?

There are many styles and colors available, with both traditional "framed" and more modern "frameless" options. We have a flyer that we are constantly updating with all the different options shown, or you could always come to the Cary ReStore and take a look in our cabinet showroom to see them for yourself.


How are the cabinets assembled?

The cabinets are assembled by the cabinet distributors by qualified staff. They use screws, staples, and superior craftsmanship to make sure that every cabinet will live up to your standards. Any issues you encounter upon receiving the cabinets can be handled by the staff at the Cary ReStore, who has developed a great working relationship with both of the cabinet companies.


Is the installation included?

We do the design for the project, order the cabinets and facilitate their delivery, but we do not do the installation. We do have a list of contractors that our customers have used in the past, and of course you are welcome to use any cabinet installer that you might have. The same is also true for countertops, which we do not sell.


Do you supply the pulls and additional hardware?

We do have a selection of cabinet knobs and pulls that we purchased new, those are available at the Cary restore. They are priced very competitively, and displayed for anyone that is interesting. You can also find some amazing donated cabinet hardware, but then the trick is finding enough matching to do your entire project.


Will you provide the drawings and design?

We do provide a quote for the cabinets along with the design that will show all of the measurements as well as a high definition 3D rendering for the customer to get a full understanding of everything involved. We thrive on input from our customers about their designs and are willing to make any changes that improve the functionality of their new kitchen or bathroom.


How long will the renovation take?

Once the design is perfect, and the measurements are signed off on by the installer, we can place the order. On average, the cabinets will be assembled, packaged and delivered within two to three weeks.


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