Diy Round-up: 8 Great Ideas For Cabinets

May 10, 2016

The warm weather is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to find new ways to reuse and re-purpose materials! DIY projects don’t have to be expensive or intimidating, and shopping at the ReStore makes it even easier.

The internet is full of different re-purposing ideas, so finding your next project can be tricky. One idea we love is finding new ways to re-purpose kitchen cabinets. Cabinets from the ReStore are an affordable way to make serving trays, chalkboards and so much more.

Why shop cabinets at the ReStore?

  • Whether you’re buying to re-purpose or you want a fresh set of cabinets in your kitchen, the ReStore has a great selection to choose from. 

  • Using recycled materials is a great way to shop green.

  • Supporting the ReStore helps Habitat Wake to build safe and affordable homes for our Wake County neighbors in need.

  • It helps you save money!

Check out our roundup of 8 ways to upcycle kitchen cabinets:

#1. Create a chalkboard and keep track of appointments, daily menus, and fun messages. (LollyJane)


#2. Make trendy serving trays to use indoors or outdoors. (PumpkinPieCrafts)


#3. Use them to display art created by your own little Picassos. (iheartorganizing)

#4. Make your kids a play kitchen with real cabinets. (PurpleSageOriginals)

#5. Save money on furniture and turn cabinets into a cool and unique headboard. (JenThousandWords)


#6. Turn them into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind corner planter . (MyRepurposedLife)


#7. With the help of some unique drawer pulls and door knobs, turn cabinets into hooks for your bathroom or mud room. (Brainstorm)

#8. Turn cabinet doors into children’s desks. (MyRepurposedLife)