Clean Out and Donate!

July 16, 2020

ReStore procurement truck
This blog post was guest written by Social Media Volunteer Will Clayton.
Still looking for ways to stay busy at home and help your community? Donate to one of your local Habitat ReStores! All proceeds support Habitat's mission to build safe, affordable homes in partnership with hardworking families.
Here's how you can get started:
1. Sort your unwanted goods into categories.
Is it an appliance or a furniture item? Great condition or a little beat up? Sorting your goods is an efficient way to avoid confusion, and it also helps our ReStore team better access donations.
2. Double check. 
Are you sure you want to donate these items? Anything else you can donate? Double check your stuff and make sure you're not getting rid of something you want to keep! If you forget something, or want to donate more, our doors are always open!
3. As long as it meets our criteria, we will take it! 
You know what they say: "one person’s trash is another man’s treasure"! We accept a variety of items here at the ReStore, so don’t be shy and stop on by! You can also schedule a donation pick-up -- this comes in handy when you have large items you want to donate that won't quite fit in your car.
To read more about our donation policies, visit