Raleigh Restore In-store Auction

August 22, 2016

Habitat Wake ReStores are excited to announce our very first in-store silent auction!

Date: Sept 2-17

Location: Raleigh ReStore, 2420 N Raleigh Blvd.

The nitty gritty:

  • You must come into the store to make your bids in person. None will be accepted over the phone, online, or via social media.
  • To bid, first register for a bidder number by filling out a quick form at the cash register.
  • Once you have your bidder number in hand, bid away! Please be mindful of minimum increases. You can bid as many times as you want and on as many different pieces as you want.
  • When the auction concludes we will contact the winners to please come pay and collect their pieces within two business days.
  • All proceeds benefit Habitat Wake's mission to build affordable homes in Wake County. We appreciate your support!

See below for piece descriptions and photos, or swing by the Raleigh store to see them in person starting September 2nd!

Piece #1: Clock-face Table by Zach Schiller 

14.5" high x 27" wide

Base is 19.75" square

This beautiful table was made by local design student Zach Schiller with materials he found at the ReStore. Zach also generously put together a tutorial on how to make a similar table yourself if you're feeling handy!

Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4

Piece #2: Live-Edge Inspired Mirror by Zach Schiller

28" high x 23" wide ; 1" thick

*mounting hardware not included

Another original piece by Zach Schiller, this mirror is made entirely out of ReStore materials. You can find out more about how this piece was made here.


Mirror 3

Mirror 2

Piece #3: Fruit Punch by Ren-Wil (Artist Mia Archer)

5' high x 5' wide ; 2" thick

Mia Archer is a Montreal-based artist whose work is featured by Canadian manufacturer Ren-wil. This particular piece is reminiscent of the works of Clara Berta, who is known for her dramatic abstract paintings.


Piece #5: 1987 Yamaha U3 Upright Piano 

This piano was donated in pristine condition and retails for $10,000 -- the photos couldn't do it justice.



Piece #6: Four-Minute Crosstraining Machine 

A last-minute addition! We just got in this incredible exercise machine -- one that generally sells for $6000 or more. You can read more about the machine here.

4-minute exercise machine