COVID-19 Store Updates

Tiera Gibson | March 25, 2020

Update 5/15/2020: You can find our phased plan for reopening the ReStores here

All of our ReStores will be closed as of Friday, March 27 at 5:00 pm. Donation drop-offs and pick-ups are also suspended during this time.

***Please do not leave items in front of our stores. This poses a health and safety risk to the staff who must leave their homes to come clean it up. Additionally, weather and pollen will ruin the items, and we will incur large dumpster fees that take away from money from our mission. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to picking up your items once we are open again! *** 

If you’re looking for Habitat organizational updates, they vary by county: 

Wake and Johnston counties
Durham County 
Orange County 

We hope to re-open soon! Please keep checking back for updates. As you spend more time at home, if you clean out a closet or your garage, put items for donating aside: we'll come pick it up once the stay-at-home orders are lifted!